I’m Steve Morrow a professional kitchen fitter based in Essex, and when I
install your kitchen I’ll promise you three things:

  • All my workmanship will be guaranteed for 2 years.
  • I only work for one client at a time, so your kitchen will receive 100% of my attention until the
    job is complete. This results in a higher quality installation completed quickly and efficiently.
  • I’ll install your kitchen properly and leave it with a showroom-quality finish.

That’s how you’ll end up with a beautiful quality kitchen at a very affordable price.

How affordable?

My overheads are very low and I only use specialist trade suppliers, so I can fit your kitchen for up to 50% less than the cost of many top UK home & DIY stores. I can also supply your kitchen for up to 40% less.

This means you can save a large amount of money, or get a far better quality kitchen for your budget.

What do you require?

I can carry out everything, from the full design and installation of the kitchen,
to appliances and finishing touches. I can also install your pre-purchased kitchen with a spectacular

Where am I based?

Essex, North London, South London and East London.

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